Swimwear Care Guide

To ensure that you get the best result from your Speedo’s, please follow these easy steps and enjoy wearing your Speedo’s time and time again.


  • Rinse with fresh, cold water after use.  
  • Dry in the shade after rinsing. Use caution with wrapping your wet swimmers in your towel – it may be holding in the chlorinated water!
  • Occasionally hand-wash with mild soap – do not machine wash or tumble dry.
  • Apply sunscreen approximately 15 minutes before putting on your costume, as oil and/or lotion can deteriorate the fabric.


And remember to never

  • Wash your Speedo’s in the washing machine.
  • Leave swimwear rolled in a wet towel – use caution as your towel could be holding in the chlorinated water!
  • Leave hanging dripping wet, without first rinsing as above.
  • Use tumble dryer or heater.
  • Soak or bleach.
  • Or leave your swimwear in direct sunlight.