Cold Swimming Collection

Speedo’s Cold Swimming Collection has been created to show you the best swimming wetsuits, triathlon wetsuits and winter worthy apparel to keep you going. Find your second skin today!

Stay Warm with Speedo


Find your second skin this winter. Our Proton & Xenon Wetsuits have been designed to shift your performance up a gear, no matter your level.

Deck Coats & Apparel

Stay on top in and out of the water with Speedo Deck Coats & Apparel. Our dry gear is made to keep your warm between events and while you’re waiting on deck.

Speedo Wetsuits

The Proton Wetsuits

Fastskin Proton Fullsuit 

Speedo’s world-class high-performance race wetsuit designed to reduce drag in the water and increase maximum speed.

Proton Thinswim Sleeveless Full Wetsuit 

A high-quality triathlon or open swimming wetsuit with thicker neoprene panels designed to provide maximum thermal insulation and greater buoyancy. 

Proton Full Wetsuit 

Our warmest Proton wetsuit with a long sleeve design to keep you in the water for longer.  

The Xenon Wetsuits

Speedo Xenon Wetsuits are a perfect first swimming wetsuit giving swimmers a great range of flexibility, buoyancy and durability. All Xenon wetsuits feel like a second skin to keep you warmer in the water allowing you to swim all year round.

Read what the professional triathlete, Kendrick Louis, had to say about it here.

Deck Coats & Apparel

Unisex Deck Coats

Our Unisex Deck Coat is the perfect addition to your swimming routine. Keep warm while waiting for your race to begin or once you’re jumped out of the pool.  

The Deck Coat has a splash resistant shell, cosy fleece lining, and two pockets. The Unisex Deck Coat comes in two colours: black and navy.


T-shirts, Hoodies, and Tracksuits

Make a statement out of the pool and wear Speedo apparel! Wear Speedo soft cotton t-shirts, suit pants or oversized vintage hoodie’s to the gym, while you are warming up, or at home knowing you’ll be comfortable in Speedo apparel. 

Speedo Towels

Perfect your look with a Speedo towel. There’s plenty of styles, available from sports towel to pool size towels.