5 June 2020

#SwimOn with Coach Camilla Bazley & Team Speedo

You can take us out of the water but you can’t slow us down! #TeamSpeedo Fitness Coach Camilla Bazley shares her dry land workouts to keep us moving and motivated.

When the world slowed down, we never turned off. We never lost sight of our goals – we adapted & got creative. Our homes became our gyms. We started trying new things, growing stronger in mind, body and spirit. As the pools and oceans reopen, we’re more ready than ever.
Maintain a focus on your swim training during dry land sessions and give these workouts a go. Target those muscles you rely heavily on in swimming and join Team Speedo @speedoaustralia and Fitness Ambassador Camilla Bazley @coach_camilla to #SwimOnTogether 



Full Body Circuit using your body weight and your favourite Speedo Training Aids. To complete this workout, complete 12-15 reps of each exercise (both sides for step ups), and aim for 3-5 rounds.

  • Front foot elevated step ups
  • Kickboard Squat Press
  • Lunge, Squat, Burpee to Kickboard
  • Walking Plank
  • Thread the Pull-Buoy V-sit
  • Reverse knee tuck, pass the Kickboard




Full body strength and cardio circuit using just your body weight and your favourite Speedo Training Aids. To complete this workout, set an interval timer for 45 seconds effort, 15 seconds rest.
7 exercises, 4 rounds – The perfect high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout over in less than 30 minutes.




An Upper Body and Core Strength workout using just your bodyweight and your favourite Speedo Training Aids. You’ll need a light theraband or bungee cord to turn your hand paddles into the perfect out-of-water stroke and strength based exercise.
To complete this workout, do 15 reps of each exercise in a circuit format. Then complete 5 rounds.

  • Double Arm Pull Through
  • Seated Pull Downs
  • Standing Bicep Curls
  • Bent over Straight Arm Kickbacks
  • Mounted Elevated travelling push-ups
  • Kick Board Balance Mountain Climbers




Core Strength for swimmers is so important. Use this workout to build on core strength whilst out of the water. Grab your Kickboard and Pullbouy and give these 7 ab exercises a go.
Complete each exercise for 60 seconds before moving on to the next. Rest for 10 seconds between each one. Complete 3 rounds in total for an abdominal blast!



Post your workout to instagram and tag @speedoaustralia and #swimontogether and let’s join our swim community together.

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