Our commitment to the Planet and its People

70% of our beautiful planet is water. We’re on a journey to protect our heartland for the people who love to swim in it.

Speedo, the world’s leading swimwear brand, planted two million mangrove trees in 2021 and has pledged to plant a further two million in 2022 as part of its Trees for Clean Seas project.

According to COP26, Mangrove forests are the ultimate nature-based solutions for both climate change mitigation and adaptation. They capture and store carbon dioxide – coastal blue carbon – and they do this at rates far greater than most tropical rainforests. Protecting and restoring mangroves is a highly efficient and effective way to simultaneously reduce GHG emissions, and supporting adaptation to climate change.

The pledge reveal comes following the COP26 Costal Blue Carbon Panel, which was held on Saturday 6th November and highlighted the vital role of mangroves for climate change mitigation and adaption.

Water loving Mangrove trees are also able to create habitats for a variety of sea life and have been known to curb natural disasters such as tsunamis. They are also 10 times better at absorbing CO2 than other trees, making them the perfect partner to help tackle the global climate crisis and rectify the harmful effects of deforestation.

Kev McFadyen, Global Brand Director of Speedo said: “Working with Eden Reforestation to plant four million mangrove trees will help restore these wonderful natural habitats, whilst simultaneously offsetting carbon emissions along the way.”

“Our Trees For Clean Seas project plants mangrove trees as part of Speedo’s wider commitment to being a sustainable business. We have set ourselves the target of being carbon neutral by 2030 at the very latest, and through this partnership we are well on track to meet that target.”

Our commitment to sustainability

We know there's more we need to do to make positive changes to help the planet, which is why it's a key focus in every area of the business.

Download our full PDF report here.


To become the most sustainable swim brand in the world, first we need to become leaders in sustainable swimwear.

If we don’t, we’ll risk damaging our oceans and the thriving life it supports. Which is why we’re actively using new materials that have a lower impact, collaborating with innovative partners and making of our own fabrics. By using the latest sustainable material technology and Innovation for change, we’ll protect our oceans and preserve our world for future generations. 

3 action areas to swim sustainably:

  1. Innovating new materials.
    We couldn’t find a fabric that delivered the same Speedo performance with less plastic pollution, so we’re creating our own. This new innovation uses unwanted fabric and plastic bottles that would otherwise be destined for landfill. By 2022, 35% of our swimwear fabric will be eco-friendly – a step towards our target of 100% by 2030. We’re also partnering with BLOOM, a company that uses algae biomass to create renewable materials to create our kickboards. Harvesting algae biomass helps protect eco systems and preserves marine & river life. Making just one kickboard this way saves the equivalent of 51 bottles of clean water.

  2. Repurposing existing materials.
    We also recycle existing materials when we can - we believe using what’s there shows that you care. Our watershorts range is made using recycled yarn or eco-friendly methods of manufacturing- 93% are made from recycled fabric and the rest are produced using eco-friendly dyeing methods.  Our Powerflex Eco range is made with 78% ECONYL, which is woven from 100% recycled nylon yarn made from disused fishing nets.

  3. Only using packaging when we have to.
    We already use 50% recycled content in our entry level goggles packaging, and we’re working to increase this to 70% by 2022. This will help us reduce our virgin plastic usage by 23.2 tons per year and will recycle up to 3.5 million more plastic bottles.  All of our swing tags are already 100% recyclable, made from a 50/50 mix of recycled and sustainably sourced materials. We never use packaging when it’s not necessary.

Made of Trash, Born To Splash.

ECO Endurance+ fabric

Speedos best-selling fabric, now made more sustainably Higher chlorine resistance than standard swimwear fabrics Our sustainable fabric is also 100% chlorine resistant Made from plastic waste, that will never get a chance to pollute our waterways.

ECO Endurabrite

Our Endurabrite suits are made from 100% post-consumer waste Take a stand against plastic pollution in Speedos new fabric range.

Classic Black Medalist

Changes to this suit have save over 27,000m of fabric from landfill.

Trees For Clean Seas

We care about the world's wild water, so we're planting two million Mangrove trees by the end of 2022 with plans to plant more.

Why Mangroves? They love the water as much as us - Not only do they create essential habitats for sea life but they're also 10 times better at absorbing CO2 than other trees - so help make the air cleaner for us and our oceans.

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