6 tips for getting back into swimming

Excited to get back in the swimming pool once they reopen? Here are our top tips to get yourself back into it.


1.    Take it easy

On step at a time! Work your way back into it, don’t try and do what you did before or test yourself too soon. Warm into it. If you used to do 30 laps do 20 the first couple of times. This will help avoid injury and it’s good to get out wanting more! Enjoy being in the water and everything that brings. New goals can be set soon enough. 

2.    Be consistent 

The best way to see improvement is to have a regular routine. Once a week is really the minimum to see the benefits but if you can you will soon start to feel it. Swimming helps your endurance, breathing and your technique will improve too. Afterall practice makes perfect!  

3.    Training plans can help

After getting started and you are into that routine simple training plans can help keep you motivated and make your swims more interesting. Choose a plan that helps you get to a goal you want to achieve. Keep an eye out for our training plans for all different swimming abilities coming very soon. 

4.    Have you tried a training aid?

Training aids can help mix things up a bit as well as focusing in on areas you’d like to improve. A kick board to make your legs stronger, or a pull buoy so you can focus on your arm stroke.  They are fun to use and  if you’re easing yourself back into swimming, fins can be a great addition to your swim kit, as they’ll help you swim faster for longer. 

5.    Social Swimming is fun

Swimming is much more fun when you go with a friend! And of course the coffee after is better too! You and your friend or friends will help motivate each other to keep to the routine and keep progressing sharing swim tips and ideas to keep it interesting.

6.    Get some new swimmers

Some new swimwear is a great motivator for getting back in the water. Get something that fits great and you feel comfortable in and that will give you confidence. Speedo has plenty of swimwear that is made from ENDURANCE+ our 100% chlorine resistant fabric so it will last and keep fitting and looking great swim after swim.

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