Care for your LZR Fastskin Suits.

Speedo LZR Fastskin products have been specially developed using select materials and technologies to meet the demanding needs of athletes at the highest level of the sport whilst racing. So how should you care for your suit, to keep it lasting like new for longer, and so you can perform at your best race after race?

fastskin suits

With our in-house global research and development facility constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of technical innovation to create the best swimwear and swim equipment in the world, we are proud to be the world’s leading swimwear brand and be represented by a multitude of the countries (and world’s) top performing athletes.

Speedo has pioneered every major technological innovation in swimwear since its inception in 1928. The most recently launched Fastskin suits are no exception, boasting a combination of the latest technology and almost two decades of evolution to create a new generation of Fastskin that sets the standard. As highly technical garments, designed with a smart-fusion combination of fabrics, and flexible zoned compression to allow for a greater range of motion, these garments require care when being handled. To ensure your suit lasts as long as possible and performs at its very best, we ask that you take note of the following care instructions:


  • Keep away from sharp objects and long nails. Tears on suit will invalidate warranty.
  • When putting the suit on try to use only the pads of your fingers.
  • Rinse immediately in clean cold water after use.
  • Chlorine will damage the suit over time - do not wash in a washing machine. Chlorine degradation will void warranty.
  • Lay your suit out flat and re-shape it after use.
  • Wearing the suit for racing only will prolong the lifespan of the suit.

For further information regarding the LZR Fastskin Warranty please see here. It is important to note, that failure to adhere to care instructions as per this guide will void warranty.


Fastskin suits are a highly technical and tight fitting garment due to the construction and compressive nature. They have been developed from a deeper understanding of hydrodynamics and the biomechanics of swimming and built to provide you with the fastest competitive edge. The fabrics directly target flexibility, compression, muscle support and drag reduction in the areas that need it. They have undergone vigorous testing to identify which fabrics were the fastest both individually and when combined. For you competitive advantage you need greater flexibility and support in different areas, and this means your suit fabrications vary. It is integral that you take care when fitting to help protect and increase the lifespan of your suit.

Here are some steps you can follow to take care when fitting:

  • Fold up the silicone grippers on the legs of the suit before you put it on to ensure it doesn’t stick to your skin.
  • Do not pull on the thinnest parts of the suit, try to use the seams where possible.
  • Pull the suit on straight, do not roll or stretch it. 
  • The hips are the biggest part of the body to get the suit over and should take the longest time. 
  • Once the suit is fitted correctly fold down the silicone gripper and you are ready to race.
  • Take care to pull the suit evenly each side. Avoid bunching the suit up as this can cause the suit to get stuck.

For more information on New Generation Fastskin, see here

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